Approach your personal side of Photography

Approach your personal side of Photography

Let me begin by saying that for over 8 years, I have been helping clients with their visual solutions. All from delivering a brand message to helping customers identify the niche market of businesses. At some point one can get so caught up with the projects that you shut down to external photography opinions. Not to mention all those times when you feel you are the only one who understands how photography works. I cant tell you the many times I have shut myself down to external criticism which in fact was super constructive. I believe now is a time as I write this blog that i can reflect on myself and see the signs of not calling myself a good photographer. This is what reader call it a quick read & although this is the beginning our your journey so there is a lot to know about, I’ll keep it brief. In this self observation, I learnt photography is not about objectivity its on the contrary subjective. One of the many beauties of photography is there can never be right or wrong way to present your artwork. (as long as you believe it was created to the image you envisioned.) Sure, there are people who will tell you all sort things like you did the shadows too deep or the highlights are blown, you could have retouched this portrait a little warmer or maybe you could use the rules of third and maybe recompose your final image. The list is endless. One thing that many photographers do upon observation is that they react to such words. I ask why? If you can for a moment consider, The photographer or people sharing their views & opinions are simply saying that’s how they would create this image. now whats wrong with that? Nothing right.! That is the approach I speak of. By comparison, you are forgetting there are two different approaches taken to the same image. many photographer also make this silly mistake of comparing themselves with professional photographer. ( by which i mean those photographer who have mastered the art of Visual manifestation) Its plain stupid really. how on earth are you to even consider your work close to a photographer who has spent years maybe decades of improvement and then demotivate yourself to say they know better & I am just going to believe what ever they say. Lets back up a little shall we? take a deep breath and ask what do you want to achieve through your photography? Remember, Pros have a team and crew to help them with the final representation and their visual goals are brainwashed to the best set of ideas that their clients visual needs meet. In other words, you watch the movie 300 and see how the leader jumps and plans with his army and takes out the evil rulers while you try the same with a cape and a stick. Really man, NO CONTEST there. so please stop comparing with those way ahead of you. If you are a someone who has finally found the time to jump into photography, That is great! I welcome you to the community. But there are a few things you want to know before you start spamming every member of your family and friends and asking them for appreciation and opinion. Lets jump in shall we?

  1. Do your research on gear : This area is so vast, I mean really so freaking vast that if you search for ” best photography gear for starting out” you are going to see so many posts that you will eventually grow a beard and still not find the one that is best suited to you (figuratively speaking of course). What you could do though is narrow your search by asking yourself the right questions and maybe you will have a shorter list of result to gaze through. Ask yourself, What interests you? by the way before we begin asking ourselves the “Right” questions, remember in the year of 2019 all cameras are exceptionally well built. Alright! moving on then, What interests you? by which i mean, Do you like Fashion, Glamour, nature, flowers (still life), the motion of the streets, people and their intense expressions, you get the idea. Once you narrow that down. For e.g let’s say, Fashion. Next you want to ask yourself. OK so do you want to have flexibility while you capture? this is the question directed to your lens choice. Don’t worry yourself with the focal lengths (measured in MM) yet. You will get the hang of it when you do your research. I am confident you will learn a lot by then for now lets keep things precise and to the result we want which is how to approach photography and the things to know as a beginner photographer. Lens choice, Right! getting up close to your subjects or capturing them from a distance is all about personal taste. If you like up close or far off, A fixed focal length is a great way to go, But always remember, Lenses are like your guns of choice, Cant have a shotgun and expect to shoot your subject long range. You get the idea, having a lens that is flexible is a great approach while you are starting out as that give you more capturing latitude. next comes the question, Life of our shooting power. By which i mean the battery life. Can you imagine, you start in the morning & get out with your photo buddies and end up using all of your camera battery but the heart wants to shoot more, WtF# right? Yeah, carry extra battery. and memory cards too. Just for you reference I have made a list of items you should buy throughout your photography journey. Its a handy list so bookmark it for years to come, I still use it for my personal work. you;ll find it at the end of this blog here. so moving on to our next bulletin point.
  2. Using Social media : OK, raise of hands who love to stay connected with world and love to express yourself with secretly hoping you are appreciated for your feeds and opinions. ( I ain’t ashamed, ME!) we all love it. Its like a motivator for actions. If you ever have a thing in mind you aren’t sure, just twit about it and you’ll soon find out if it was a good or bad thought ,right? Yes! pretty much. but take a step back and consider this example. there are tow people Brenda & Alex, Alex bought a new shirt and goes to everybody he meets and says ” say you like this t-shirt” or ” if you like this shirt don’t hesitate to follow me. sometimes he would just throw the common courtesy of asking and just take a photo and starts to tell people watching the picture ” Like this photo and to see more of my collection feel free to follow me” . Lets look at Brenda now, She is also fashionable, loves to dress well. lives her everyday life. when people appreciate her clothing she smiles back with a thank you. come next day same as usual when people ask her about dressing sense she is open to engage and asks what they both have in common soon enough they both like to stay updated about each other and this goes on. Now ask yourself which one is needy & creepier. Meanwhile. I;ll pay my respect to Alex who needs to learn so much more about social ethics. I may have exaggerated the example but you get the idea, Social media is about being part of a community that shares and gives back what you shared. The sooner you understand that the better. Alright so how can we use this for our photography? same way like Brenda did, upload images and caption them why you clicked & created the image in the first place. mention the motivation behind your creation and keep an open mind about others opinion. when you get liked by people. Don’t let it get in your head. See it as a way that you are on the right path to creation. Also remember, Some times people don’t’ have to like your work/creation, Its OK. this is what you can say isn’t your audience meaning you have different opinions. Also remember Photography is a internal journey anybody who want to be a part of it, welcome them and those who choose to leave thank them for their time & finally the third and final bulletin point
  3. Its not a competition: Your photography journey is about You, Everything you learn and experience,Your wins and failures all of it is YOU. A great human once said this to me. I believe it goes like this ” Getting smart and staying updated is good, Just don’t be an Ass and go proving to people about it. “ words of a true photography monk. don’t you think? I have followed this and have always had no trouble what so ever. If people don’t ask for your opinion don’t give them. You have nothing to gain if your know more about better lenses and camera bodies but take really under exposed & badly composed images that not only lack the creative touch but also don’t connect individually. Its a bit cliched but the only competition is with yourself. If someone calls you names and undermines you or says you aren’t good enough, Don’t feel repelled and express animosity. Be reasonable and take your time to respond through your images. You are photographer after all. Creative visualization is your area, Right 🙂 Use such bad mouthing to motivate yourself to become a photographer who is a visual manifestation of creativity. Finally, I just want to set this number in your head 10000 clicks. that is approximately 5 years of clicking. prove me wrong and do it in less then that time. you know where to find me and as mentioned above here is the link to the list to keep handy TO BUY ITEMS LIST

To know more about me, lets say you are smart enough to know how to find that.

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