Beginners Guide to Photography

Beginners Guide to Photography

That HEADING is one of the most common things to search for when your are starting out into Photography. It a great feeling,we have all been there but as you begin this journey, one of the most difficult stage you will encounter is to tell which information is accurate and will guide you in this ‘map’ towards better photography.This is my advice,take it or leave it ” Photography isn’t about showing and proving what you know,Its about using what you learnt to express your vision in the most unique and creative way possible. (Believe me you don’t want to forget this)

Go on, i dare you! search for this heading and see what you will get. Its tonnes and tonnes of pages on the guide to better photography on basics. now by all means you can go and check out all of them and hopefully by the end of this celestial cycle you will end up with at least some concrete enlightenment. but then you just remembered i don’t live that long,nor do i have the time to know all this. Sure! ill learn as i dive deeper but the question you need wondering is how much knowing in photography is enough to be called an amateur photographer? Here is how i’d like to think. instead of boggling myself with all the plethora of technical and non technical know how. i just need to ask myself ‘ what gets the job done? so for e.g i need to know , what camera is the best camera for an entry level like me? the answer to that is before i know that lets check what is the difference on the types of cameras . Once you know that then jump to the difference in Mega pixel (size of the image) and image sensors (piece of flat surface that records/captures the image in photons.)

By the time you reach this understanding you will find it silly to ask the question on best cameras. Since you have come so far in search for what is the best camera and i don’t like to see a disappointment on your face,here you go…The best camera is the one you can afford and are comfortable with . doesn’t matter the cost and all the other “sciency” stuff. we are talking about photography man!, even the sharpness here is called subjective sharpness.The only person you need to please is your self. I don’t want to fool you into giving some tech spec that can be easily found copied and pasted and thenĀ  do what the world doesn’t believe in but wants you to believe in.

here is a list of Products you can buy although i will tell you this. Any full frame camera is good camera since the goal is to own one in the long run. because that’s your ultimate goal so buy a full frame camera body and stick to it. treat it like its your bae. love it ,feel it and absolutely treat it as an extension to yourself. If you get the chance rent it first then go for the purchase.When you buy any products we recommend, you also get FREE goodies with that purchase.
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