Photoshoot for Models & Actors

Are you a Model or an actor looking to enter the Glamour industry? or maybe you are an Artist such as a Singer, Dancer or an  individual looking to get across the right people but don’t have the images that set you apart from the rest. We got you covered. With 10+ years of industry experience, We know exactly what sells, We can create you a portfolio that will surely increase your chances with casting directors and get you that extra push which will make your audience “LIKE” your portfolio.

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So you love Photography, But want to explore and grow more as a Photographer? We conduct workshops right from the basics to the serious professionals for Beginners, Serious Enthusiasts and provide crash courses to semi professional photographers. Our genres include Fashion, Glamour, Portraiture, Indoor & Outdoor lighting & a technique we are inspired by “Focused Diffused Lighting” Our courses have helped many amateur Photographers grasp the knowledge and skill to master their love to expressive imagination. We also partner with Camera & equipment brands to conduct contests giving you a chance to win Goodies and discounts.

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Are you an Individual/Business looking for better digital visibility?

Awesome! We can help you with that. We create images and manage your social media handle/s to organize and gain visibility. But first, Lets get familiar with our packages and why they are priced this way.

Social media Marketing is part of our Content creator service performed by Ashish|studios & team. The goal here is to bring higher visibility, engagement and overall make you popular with your audience. Helping you achieve Influencer/ Public figure status. If you are a business then, this service helps you to deliver your brand message, create Brand awareness and engagement over time. Building trust and faith within your target audience. The Package we have set up are presets to guide you in achieving best results.
For e.g If you are an individual looking to become a social media influencer then as your final goal is to establish a voice of authority among your audience, We suggest you aim for our yearly package as that yields maximum & consistent content creation and upload rate, Building consistency, frequency & structure to your feeds. however, if you are a business looking to spread a brand message then we recommend you aim for a 3 month package as that helps you create content around your brand message and gives your audience enough time to build trust over your intent.
Below are the Social media Packages
1. Rs 18000/- 3months (18X3)
2. Rs 21000/- 3months (21X3)
3. Rs 30,000/- 3months (30X3)
Why are they priced differently when their time span is the same?

The Answer to that, is because of what it holds.

In the (18X3), You get 3 photo shoots i.e 15 images/month. We Upload, Organize and manage your Social media feeds. (Instagram only) The photo shoot is standard themed with limited Production/Shoot Gear.

In the (21X3), You get 3 photo shoots i.e 30 images/month. We Upload, Organize and manage your Social media feeds. (any one of your social media handle Facebook or Instagram) The photo shoot is standard themed with moderate Production/Shoot Gear.(incl. make up artist and special lenses)

In the (30X3), You get 3 photo shoots i.e 30 images/month. We Upload, Organize and manage your Social media feeds. (any one of your social media handle Facebook or Instagram) The photo shoot is standard themed with industry standards Production/Shoot Gear.(incl. make up artist, Cameras, other equipment & special lenses)

With our Digital Marketing Experts working day and night on your handle, We can share valuable details that would add immensely you getting closer to your target audience.

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We have In-house events every month from Photo reviews, Workshops, Batch Shoots and Seminars. Submit this form so we can help you learn more about events that peek your interest.


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Shooting Music Video

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3D Animation

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Pricing & Offers

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