What is not spoken about Photography

What is not spoken about Photography

It is awesome, to see the world of images. Images that visually express every moment that capture time, mood and space.With tonnes of apps and businesses who allow you to express your style and personal space. I don’t need to tell you the apps out there that do that. But have you ever wondered, Why do they exist, really? What is it that they want you to think and believe, What are they really hiding?

Today I am going to share a few if not all things about what giant or large business do to keep you in the loop. To keep you clanged on to their apps. But before we dive into that let us see how and what is photography in general. Let’s take an example, three friends Robin, Jerry, and Adam. they have different outcomes in their lives. since all are a part of this new age of 2018 they have a good understanding of the technology and its advancements. Robin is a student from commerce while Jerry and Adam are from Photography and IT respectively. Naturally, they all use the smartphones that today’s age has to offer so it’s obvious they prefer camera phones. Jerry mentions his friends about this new photo app that allows to take images and share it with his loved ones and those who can gain inspiration from it. The other two see the demo and they kinda like it. He also tells them how he chooses to use this app to promote his work and keep a healthy relationship with those who choose to support him in this journey. “you can clearly see For our friend Jerry Photography is his survival. He needs to stay visually expressive to promote and maintain his potential to work But as for Adam and Robin, it’s not as big a deal compared to Jerry. But seeing that every now and then whenever they post an image they seem to get traction, People who they don’t know seem to like these images.

As time goes by these consistent young individuals seem to enjoy this new found appreciation and slowly that need to appreciation increases. You can clearly see Photography to these three guys is completely different. For Jerry, it is his work so he needs to be consistent in his creativity whereas Adam and Robin, It doesn’t really matter whether they understand the technicals of photography. But in a collective glance, they all seem to accept a strong need for social proof. When before it was all about pleasing themselves has taken a hilarious phase to now please 1 million.T he individuals who never imagined they would invest so much of their time to capture images when could clearly invest their time into making better decisions with their careers have now become the self-announced Hobby Photographers? Let us take a closer look at this, What is wrong with this picture?
tomorrow. same time, the same place.

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